We Love Our Clients

Here's What They Have To Say

“It So Easy!”

“Well what’s so awesome about it is that: 1) it is easy to look at and easy to read, 2) everything is laid out for you in a very easy way to understand. The dashboard alone has different things included on it that are easy and accessible for you: 1) your telephone sheet when people call in and to set up appointments, 2) any type of promotion stuff, 3) if you need to send anything to update account information. Everything is on the dashboard that you need and it also shows all of your totals and your statistics for your school right there in front of you.”

Ms Brittany Gosney

“Top Notch Automation”

“The ATLAS automation tool is top notch, especially with the ‘set and forget’ feature, with the text messaging services, and the email services!”

Instructor Tyler Brady

“Over $100/K a Month Now”

“Atlas is unbelievable! My school grosses close to $100,000 a month. Without Atlas, I cannot manage that — I can see when my forecast goes up or down, or when I need to attack a different situation: that’s right right there in front of me. I love Atlas!”

Master Mike Bugg

“Outstanding Customer Service”

“One of the main great things about ATLAS is automation, and this is key in order to excel and get ahead of your competitors. ATLAS has made it easy for anybody without an IT background to set up this kind of marketing and management automation. All these things are now possible with automation with the ATLAS program.”

Master Abraham Kim

“The Dashboard is Phenomenal”

“ATLAS’s dashboard is phenomenal. It gives a great graphical representation which you can look at, to get a snapshot of what’s happening in your business, and then (of course) you can click on those items and get further details to help you understand what’s going.”

Instructor Zachary Cooperman

“One System Handles It All”

“It’s bringing together pieces that I wanted to try to get done I’ve had to do separately like integrating Facebook and Twitter. Instead of logging into multiple systems, I log into one system and I can handle it all.”

Instructor Kevin Schilz

“Exactly What I’m Looking For”

“After I reviewed the ATLAS program, it is a fantastic — exactly what I’m looking for.I looked around to see what my school’s needs are, but the ATLAS programs is like a data program for us, for management, and progress, and retention, and also appointments, phone, and even inventory are all compiled with the ATLAS program. This program will really help my school to grow to the next level.”

Grandmaster Jin Kwon

“The Best Part Is the Website Builder”

“The best part of ATLAS was how to build my website because I always had a hard time and this is going to make my life very easy. I don’t have to go through lots of people and I’m gonna to easily create the things I need to have in it.”

Ms. Monica Singh

“The Best Thing Is The Organization”

“I think one of the best things I like the most in ATLAS is the organizing of all my accounts. Keeping track of my students, allowing me to see when my students need to test, I can see when the student agreement needs to be renewed so I always can foresee and be a step ahead of what’s going on in terms of the development of my martial art students and also the financial side of the business.”

Master Raoul Coutin

“It’s Systems Driven.”

” I think the best thing about it is that is very systems driven and that’s what I’m looking for: I’m looking for systems on emailing, texting, and automation. I’m trying to synchronize and “automize” everything that we do here. It kinda helps alleviate some of the cracks that I feel some people fall into when we don’t do our part sometimes as owners and instructors – it kinda helps us stay in communication with them.”

Master Logan Lee

“Will Save So Much Time!”

“The Atlas program is a big step forward: Just the automation will save so much time in the marketing effort, retention, and prospecting and lead generation. The automation will save so much time for us to focus more on our students.”

Instructor Stanley Chan

“ATLAS Can Do The Job of 1 to 2 Full Time Employees.”

“Atlas can do the job of one or two full-time employees in converting leads into trials and trials into enrollments, and maintaining our current students and improving our retention.”

Grandmaster J.Y. Moon

“Will Pave The Way To Success.”

“The innovations in ATLAS will literally pave the way to to an easier and more successful future for our club.”

Master Jim Hrbek

“ATLAS is Phenomenal!”

“Atlas is phenomenal I am NOT (or have not been) very computer savvy. With the introduction to ATLAS I was able to go on to the site immediately log-in and get a lot of the questions and concerns that I’ve always had in the previous years answered right away. I’m very confident and comfortable with using the system, and I plan to just integrate everything in the system right away when we return home.”

Ms. Juanita Gibbs