Do You Spend or Invest Your Time?

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Motivational speaker Brian Tracy is fond of citing the Pareto Principle, which is basically the 80/20 rule. In our case, the rule can be applied to martial arts tuition billing in that 20% of your students will take up 80% of your time with billing problems. In any group, there is always that bottom 20% who cause trouble – some may actually be troublemakers, but most are suffering from an accident or bad circumstance. Regardless of the reason, they have problems, and therefore you have problems.

What if I told you that you could change the 80/20 rule and reduce that 20% to ZERO?

You can, with AMS full service martial arts tuition billing. AMS will handle all of your martial arts tuition billing, including that dreaded 20% of problem students, so you can invest 100% of your time in better instruction and promotion of your martial arts school.

It just makes sense to separate martial arts tuition billing from instruction. The master should focus his attention on helping his (or her) students improve, not on being a bill collector. Students who have a financial problem should speak to a financial counselor, not their master instructor.

A lot of schools assign a member of the school staff to take on the role of bill collection, to insulate the master. However, this situation still creates an adversarial relationship between the student and the school. It is far better to have a middleman to absorb the verbal abuse, and keep a positive relationship between the student and the school.

Now, some people will say that hiring a middleman is too expensive. In reality, hiring a professional saves you money. The AMS account representatives are trained in the latest programs and techniques to achieve the highest rate of successful tuition payment in the industry. They will get you more money than your staff would because they have the knowledge and experience that your staff does not have. Plus, they follow the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act so that you and your school will not be subject to lawsuits for unfair practices.

Even more important is the fact that AMS is not just a martial arts tuition billing company. They are also a martial arts marketing and management company, helping you enroll more students, keep them longer, and manage them better. Think about it – if you took the time you and your staff spend dealing with those problem accounts and turned that into time recruiting new students, how much more income would you make? Now, add to that programs and promotions that have proven effective all over the country to add 10, 20, 30 or more new students a month and thousands of dollars in income, and you have a service that doesn’t COST you money, it MAKES you money.

So the question remains: do you SPEND your time chasing after students for money, or do you INVEST your time in acquiring new students?

AMS can save you time and make you money. Invest five minutes in a phone call at 1-800-275-1600 to find out more.

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