ATLAS provides a wide range of marketing ideas and materials, but one that is not used often enough is the section of the Advisor Files called “I Need More Prospects.”

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Marketing is the Fuel to Ignite Your School’s Growth
ATLAS provides a wide range of marketing ideas and materials, but one that is not used often enough is the section of the Advisor Files called “I Need More Prospects.”


On your ATLAS dashboard you have your Enrollment Pipeline, which gives you real-time information on your enrollments for the past month. You can see how many prospects you have as potential new students, how many trial lessons you have scheduled, how many new students have enrolled (or signed-up), and how many upgrades you have made into bigger/better programs.
We believe a good school with a well-trained staff should be about 80% successful on each step up to enrollment. That means that 80% of the people who call should make an appointment, 80% of the appointments should show up, and 80% of those who show up should enroll in one of your courses.

If you do the math, that means that you should enroll about one new student for every two phone calls you get, so the more phone calls you can generate, the more new students you will enroll. Of course, if you or your staff are not getting that 80% success rate, we have lots of materials to help you improve your numbers.

Over the next few blogs we will discuss what to do at each level, but for now, we are concerned with generating more prospects, which means getting more people to either call the school, stop by for a visit, or take up a special offer they saw somewhere — usually on the Internet.
The resource files in the “I Need More Prospects” are like a crash course in Martial Arts Marketing. There is an article explaining how ATLAS helps you compare one month to another and how to find the success rate of each staff member (whether or not they are achieving that 80% success rate).

The next group of files help your staff understand some marketing basics, before we get into the actual promotional ideas. We then discuss making a promotional calendar, the best time-related (seasonal) promotions, the best anytime promotions, online marketing, and some low-tech marketing that you can control will more effort, rather than more money.
If your dashboard is telling you that you are not getting enough prospects into your enrollment pipeline, then check out the Advisor files called “I Need More Prospects” to form a plan for your school’s growth. As always, you can call any member of our AMS staff at 1-800-275-1600 for more detailed help and advice on how to use ATLAS or any of our other systems.

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