Which is the Best Martial Arts Management Software?

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Choosing the best martial arts management software – as with any choice — depends on your goal.

What do you need your software to do? Are you looking for inventory control? Point-of-sale software to sell items? Almost any business-related software can do that for you, including martial arts branded software.

If you are looking for tuition billing and management software, that requirement raises the bar significantly. You want software that will automatically process credit cards, debit cards, plus savings and checking accounts on a monthly schedule, or even a weekly schedule if you have an after school martial arts program. You might even want a program that prints out coupon booklets or monthly invoices. Still, most of the top selling martial arts business software programs will take care of these functions automatically, so that you and your staff do not have to manually run the charges for every student. For schools with more than about 30 students, you really need either tuition management software or a professional billing company to allow you and your staff to focus on teaching, rather than on tuition collection.

What really separates the professional martial arts management software from the amateur software are the added features that really help a school grow: like marketing and retention. As you well know, if your school isn’t growing, it is shrinking. It takes great instruction and outstanding customer (both student and parent) service to keep students training for years. It also takes exceptional marketing to bring new students into your school.

When evaluating the best martial arts management software for your school, take a close look at the marketing. Does the software even have any marketing programs? If it does, does it pay “lip service” to marketing by offering a few ads or promotions that seem like they were added in just so they could say they have martial arts marketing materials, or are marketing programs integral to the software?

ATLAS martial arts management software has marketing in its DNA. Every member gets a website that has generated 20 prospective new students a month in other schools. ATLAS has marketing automation sequences that follow-up on these prospects with a series of emails, texts, and videos to get them into your school and on your mat.

Additionally, every month members get a fresh E-pack of marketing, management, and instructional materials to help the school grow. There are monthly seasonal promotions that include posters, flyers, and social media posts. There are “anytime” promotions that work whenever you need a boost. There are even unique promotions like the Enrollment Card that allow you to control the number of new students you get according to the effort you put out. If you need an extra 10, 20, or even 30 new students this month, you can get them into your school NOT by spending more money and hoping it works, but by extending extra effort and knowing what your results will be.

Then, once you have the students enrolled, ATLAS martial arts management software automates the retention process by sending out emails, articles, social media posts, and other communications to keep students engaged and keep their interest high.

If you are evaluating different programs to find the best martial arts management software (or maybe even the software you currently use), take a serious look at the marketing and student retention options provided. If the software doesn’t help your school grow, perhaps it is helping your school close.

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