What Is The Best Martial Arts Management Software For A New School?

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The best martial arts management software for a new school should do three things:

It should be easy.
It should do the work of several employees.
It should help your school grow.

  1. Martial Arts Management Software should be Easy

We get it . . . you’re busy. When you first open a martial arts school there are a million things to do and not enough people to do them.

Most school owners have to do everything themselves – and the lucky ones have a spouse or other close supporter to help – because they just don’t have the budget to hire lots of professionals. You don’t have the time to spend hours learning how to use software when you need those hours to make your new school successful. You need software that is intuitive – that makes sense so you can understand it and start using it very quickly. You also need software that doesn’t take a lot of set-up time. Try to find one where the software company does a lot of the set-up work for you.

Part of being easy is also being affordable. You have a lot of expenses in opening a new school, probably more than you expected, and there isn’t much room in the budget for extras. Every dollar spent has to be worth several dollars in income. You need to find software that has an affordable start-up fee, and monthly benefits that more than pay for the cost.

  1. Martial Arts Management Software Should Do the Work of Several Employees

As we’ve already said, most new schools don’t have a large staff (maybe one or two people) to do everything the school needs. Hiring staff is expensive, so most school owners choose to try do the extra work themselves, rather than spend the hundreds of dollars a week to pay an employee.

One efficient answer is automation. A computer with good martial arts management software can do the job of several employees for pennies on the dollar, with no sick days, no holidays, and no overtime pay. Good martial arts software can advertise to bring you new students (like a marketing manager), enroll them quickly and easily (like a good secretary), track student attendance, keep track of equipment inventory, and generate reports (like a good office manager), and send out regular emails, post cards, and social media posts for better student retention (like a good customer service manager). Having an electronic staff helps your small human staff provide big benefits to your students.

  1. Martial Arts Management Software should Help Your School Grow

The survival level need of a new martial arts school is growth. The best instruction and the most beautiful facility are nothing without new students to help pay the bills. A school needs students like a baby needs food. Once your facility is ready and you have the curriculum to teach, your next responsibility is to enroll new students, because without them your new baby will die.

Many new school owners put off buying management software because they believe it just saves time and maybe saves money. The BEST martial arts management software can also make money for the school with marketing and promotional programs that will recruit new students into the school, which can be the difference between survival and closing.

We strongly recommend ATLAS martial arts software. It is easy to set-up, learn, and use; easily affordable; does the work of an entire staff; and has programs that can bring in 100 students in 6 months and increase your income by $100,000.00 a year. No other software has these two programs built in.

Plus, the business development team that supports the software is friendly and available for consultation, to help the new school owner set priorities based on the experience of thousands of successful martial arts school. They can show you the proven roadmap to success, and get you there without making some of the most common (and expensive) detours.

If you found this article, it means you do your research. That research should show you that ATLAS is the Titan among martial arts management software because the unique marketing programs can be the difference in survival for a beginning school.

Please call 1-800-275-1600 to discuss how ATLAS can help your school become the biggest and best in your community faster than you think.

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