What Everyone Ought To Know About Choosing The Best Martial Arts Management Software

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What Everyone Ought to Know about Choosing the Best Martial Arts Management Software

The “Best” anything is a highly subjective judgment, so my opinion of the best martial arts management software may differ from yours. The important thing in making such an important choice for your martial arts school is that you base your choice on facts, not on rumors and unsubstantiated claims. In this article, I will try to present some simple facts that you should consider in choosing the best martial arts management software.

Fact 1: Not all Martial Arts Management Software Programs are created equal.

There are a wide range of management software choices out there, from software created by someone’s student that does a few simple tasks, to extensive, professionally coded programs originally designed for another industry (like health or fitness clubs), to programs designed by professional martial artists (who have actually run successful schools) for professional martial artists. Just as the seed determines how the plant will grow, so the source of the program determines how the program develops. If you want apples, you should start with apple seeds. If you want a professional school management program for your martial arts school, you should start with a program that was designed by someone who intimately knows the business and has a record of being successful in it.

Fact 2: Size does matter

Although you may not know exactly how many programmers are developing the software or how many support personnel are on the team, you can judge the company by their availability and turn around time. If you can never reach anyone, always have to leave a message, and then have to wait days to get a call back, you are not getting good customer service. If you cannot understand the support personnel because they have an unintelligible accent, or they don’t speak your language, you are not getting good customer service. If you have to wait weeks to get a training appointment, or months to get a requested improvement implemented, you are not getting good customer service. You need a martial arts management software company that is large enough to support your needs on a day-to-day basis.

Fact 3: The Differences make the difference.

Most software will do the basics: Giving you digital agreement, keeping track of your inventory, tracking attendance, delivering reports, etc. They will all save you time over manually keeping records. If you need tuition billing software, that is a separate level of competence that requires a higher level of sophistication. This is where you can start separating the pros from the amateurs. If you want marketing programs that will help your school grow, what can you get? Do you have to buy a separate package of marketing materials? A separate school website? Or do they claim to have marketing materials, but when you investigate, find a few ads but not much depth? These are the differences between “more of the same” management and dynamic change management. The BEST martial arts school management software should include ALL of these aspects in order to be considered the best.

Conclusion: Cutting through the hype isn’t easy. There are a lot of aspects that you might not have considered when you started looking for your software. Hopefully, this guide will give you some food for thought.

If you are feeling “stuck” because you now realize your current software may not be the best choice, fear not! It’s never too late, and upgrading to better software is not as difficult as you may think.

We highly recommend ATLAS Martial Arts Management Software over the others because it was founded by successful martial arts school owners for successful martial arts school owners. It’s sole purpose is to help you run a successful martial arts school. It is backed by Amerinational Management Services, Inc., a fully staffed company with an over 30 year history of helping martial arts schools grow. They have US based support teams who speak English, Spanish, and Korean, and they return all calls the same day (except weekends and holidays). They offer a choice of either full service tuition billing to save you time and maintain your focus, or computer-based self-billing using the easy ATLAS U-Bill system. Every ATLAS member gets a powerful lead-generating website, a monthly marketing package, and access to proprietary programs that have helped member schools gain 100 new students in 6 months and $100,000.00 in additional income. For these reasons, we feel ATLAS martial arts management software is the best in the industry. It provides everything you need in one place at an extremely attractive price.

You can find out more at AtlasMartialArtsSoftware.com and at AmazingMartialArtsWebsites.com, or you can call 1-800-275-1600 to talk to a business development expert who can help you plan how to dynamically change your school to move up to the next level.

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