ATLAS School Management Software System can take you back to the basics and simplify the operation of your school so that you can focus on what really matters.

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ATLAS Saves You Time, Saves You Money, Even Makes You Money

ATLAS School Management Software System can take you back to the basics and simplify the operation of your school so that you can focus on what really matters. This is the most complete and most practical school management software available in the martial arts industry because it’s web-based. You can access it anywhere with internet access: at your school, at home, and even on vacation!

ATLAS Saves You Time
It uses innovative technology like the fingerprint reader or touch screens, which will save you and your staff hundreds of hours as your students take attendance! To save even more time, many of the regular functions of student marketing and retention are automated. Without even pushing a button, ATLAS will send motivational 2-4-6 e-mails to your new students, send Miss You e-mails to students who have missed class, send Time to Renew notices to students whose agreements are about to expire, and birthday e-cards cards to students and parents. You and your staff will be free to spend face-to-face time with your students because all the little things that make such a big difference in student retention are built right into the system.

ATLAS Saves You Money
You’ll cut costs through electronic reporting and no longer waste paper. The ATLAS software provides you with an office manager that’s never late, sick and works for less than the cost of a human office manager. Since time is money, you also save thousands on billing and collections through the AMSbilling services. You receive monthly newsletters with marketing programs that are affordable plus ads and promotions through AMSnews Online that literally saves thousands on outside marketing subscriptions. The features that are part of this software bought separately would cost thousands monthly, but with ATLAS we do all the heavy lifting for you for less than four dollars a day.

ATLAS Makes You Money
ATLAS meets all of your marketing needs to make gaining new students easy. For example, the Enrollment Card is the fastest way to increase your enrollment and income because it uses your current students as a springboard to spread word-of-mouth advertising, then doubles your results by getting those new students to invite their family and friends. In addition, the AMSkids after school program provides all the latest marketing, advertising, promotional, management, and instructional materials to dramatically increase your income, adding $100,000 a year to many schools.

You can begin using ATLAS immediately for a low monthly payment to help your school increase enrollment and income right away. Take action now and make things simple again by joining our network of successful martial arts business leaders to start saving time, saving money and making money with ATLAS.

ATLAS Saves You Time, Saves You Money, Even Makes You Money

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