Atlas Martial Arts Software Is The Right Tool At The Right Time

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As a martial arts expert, you need the right tools, tactics, and timing in your martial arts software.

Business is like war, and your martial arts software is one of your strongest weapons for the defense of your business.

One mistake could cost you your life (or your livelihood)!

Of course, the human anatomy and brain have everything you need for survival in a battle, once you have been properly trained. There is also a perfect weapon that has all the tools, tactics, and timing you need to survive in business, and for that reason you must arm yourself with the BEST martial arts software in the industry and the only professional management system that has everything you need to dominate your market: ATLAS.

How difficult would it be if you had a hammer instead of an axe for chopping wood? Your business can suffer from the same difficulties if you try to operate with the wrong tool. ATLAS is like a Swiss Army Knife that possesses all the tools you need to double your income, enrollment, retention, and profits. Here’s a sample of tools in the ATLAS system:

FREE Lead Generation Website and Hosting
Our State-of-the-Art Martial Arts Websites Will Help You Project a Professional Image Online, and Generate New Prospective Students. Members have received 20 new student leads and more in a month!

Powerful Marketing Automation
You’ll Love the ATLAS “Set and Forget” Multi-Media Prospect and Student Follow Up Systems, which send a unique series of emails, texts, and videos to all your prospects to get them to come into your school.

Cutting edge Marketing Tools
You’ll Never Need to Worry About “How” You’re Going to Bring in New Students. Our Marketing Experts Have You Covered with monthly ads and promotions!

ATLAS Proprietary “E” Card System
Use this PROVEN Offline Student Attraction System to Drive New Students To Your Door Without Expensive Paid Advertising

Social Media Integration and Scheduler
Attract New Students, and Engage Your Audience with Automatic Facebook Posts and Tweets, scheduled from within ATLAS so you can do all your marketing at one time and in one place.

Online Lead Generator Integration
Quickly Capture Website Visitors, Facebook Visitors and More With the ATLAS Lead Generation Features

The tactics you use in school operation must be right to run a profitable business and only ATLAS can give you all that you need.

Here’s a sample of tactics with ATLAS:

• Build a strong Internet presence with your own professional website and social media system.

• Take advantage of the after school market to earn an additional $100,000 or more this year.

You know that time is money and it also can be the difference between turning a profit or going belly-up in your business. Here’s a sample of good timing with ATLAS:

• Automated retention emails for birthday, holidays, other occasions

• Real-time reports on student payments and progress and business planning

• Immediate unlimited expert consultation when you need answers right away

The new ATLAS Martial Arts Software does all these things and more to provide school owners with the best tools, tactics, and timing to double enrollment, retention, income, and profits. If you have any questions about any of the benefits described in this post, call 1.800.275.1600 to learn more about how ATLAS can guarantee your success!

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