ATLAS Martial Arts Software Brings Results

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ATLAS Martial Arts Software provides Practical Information

The “Smart Dashboard” gives you the information you need to continue growing. You can see “at a glance” your prospect pipeline of potential students, your conversion rate of prospects into new students, your attendance, and your retention rate. You know your school’s current status, and your prospects for future growth. Most important of all, you know where to concentrate your efforts to improve any of those numbers.

In addition, your Customizable Reports lets you choose the information you want, and get it the way you want it, whenever you want it. You can create your own reports and have them emailed to yourself or to a staff member on a schedule of your choosing, to keep you informed in a changing environment.

ATLAS has Powerful Tools
The Lead-Generating Website and Marketing Automation bring new students into your school effortlessly. They rank highly in Google to get you noticed by people in your town looking for martial arts lessons. They funnel them into the programs best suited for them, then get a commitment of interest and contact information. From there, the ATLAS automation begins a series of emails, texts, and videos designed to get them into your door and onto your mat.

The Automated Retention keeps students active and interested with regular emails of motivational messages and interesting articles.

The Communication Hub lets you post professionally designed ads and create special events in Facebook. Your students and all their friends will be aware of the fun things happening at your school.

The Texting Function helps you increase the “show rate” of your appointments. Everyone knows that making an appointment with a prospective student is only half the battle. You still have to get that student to show up for the appointment in between all the demands of a hectic life – unfortunately, when you are out of sight, you’re out of mind. A few text messages at just the right time can keep them mindful of your appointment, and dramatically increases the number who show up.

ATLAS brings Profitable Results
The biggest difference between ATLAS and other martial arts software is the profitable results. In addition to the amazing websites, the marketing automation, and the automated retention, ATLAS also has unique programs that will increase your enrollment and income. The one-two punch of the Enrollment Card and the Smart Card can increase your enrollment by 100 students in the next six months. The addition of the AMSkids Program can add $100,000.00 of additional income. Other software programs don’t even come close.

In the martial arts, there’s ATLAS, and then there’s everything else.

To fin out how to put these practical, powerful, and profitable results to work for your school, call 1-800-275-1600 to speak to one of our marketing experts.

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