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ATLAS is the Ultimate Martial Arts School Software

ATLAS martial arts school software is mobile friendly to make life easier for you and your staff. It is based in the cloud, so you can use it on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) from anywhere you have an Internet connection: Your school, at home, or on the go.

It’s Flexible

ATLAS works for any style of martial art, with any ranking system. You can even have several martial arts styles, each with a different ranking system, going on at the same time. You control the name of the style, the name of the rank (belts, sashes, or anything else), and ATLAS will tell you when each student is available for his or her next rank promotion. In addition, ATLAS martial arts school software gives you a choice of 6 different ways to take attendance: from on the mat, to on the bus during after school pick-up, to students taking their own attendance. How’s that for flexibility?

Not only that, but ATLAS has a headquarters option, where multi-school organizations can choose to share information with their headquarters organization, to receive advice and coaching based on solid, specific data.

It’s Powerful

ATLAS martial arts school software brings in new students effortlessly with a Lead-Generating Website and Marketing Automation. Member schools have gotten literally hundreds of leads of prospective new students, and then the marketing automation follows up with emails, texts, and videos until they make an appointment. Once students join, ATLAS has an automated retention system, where it can send weekly messages to motivate your students and keep them excited about their training.

In addition, ATLAS provides you with professionally designed Facebook ads and promotions that you can schedule without leaving ATLAS, to be automatically posted on Facebook for you later this week or later this month.

The texting feature allows you to text prospective students, to increase the percentage of people who show up to their appointments, and allows you to text students and parents about upcoming events, to increase your attendance.

It’s Profitable

ATLAS martial arts school software can add $100,000.00 of additional income with only one of the many programs included with the subscription. Another program can bring 100 new students in 6 months . . and we they have plenty more!

In the martial arts, there’s ATLAS, and then there’s everything else.

To fin out how ATLAS can do any of these great things for you, call 1-800-275-1600 and get the ATLAS Advantage.

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