ATLAS martial Arts Software Feature: Pro Shop

ATLAS martial Arts Software Feature: Pro Shop

by amsmcarthy, May 22, 2017

The Point of Sale feature in ATLAS Martial Arts Software is easy to use.

The ATLAS Martial Arts Software Pro Shop gives you all the tools you need to maximize your retail sales. The system can save you time and headaches, while managing your inventory and tracking your sales.increase-sales-workshop-daytona

It’s like having another staff member!

You can also create customizable groups within your POS, so you can  make retail sales fast and easy. For example, you put all your belts in one group, like belts, and then list the colors and sizes within that group. Alternately, if you have special packages for different levels — for example, students buy a sparring package when they reach green belt level — you can create a group for that package. The feature also enables items management, so you can keep track of your retail products, inventory levels, and profit margins.

Another key to the feature is simple discounts. Simple discounts allows you to discount by item, on the total, by percentage, or amount – whatever way you want!

The POS system also features vendor management. You can keep track of all your suppliers and easily send orders when you need to replenish your stock, or you can order on demand to keep your inventory low. The inventory control system within the feature helps you to keep track of the inventory on hand (for tax purposes), and set re-order quantities. You can keep track of purchase orders and order history for each supplier.

The POS feature allows you to track sales, refunds, taxes, and much more with the Robust Reporting option within the POS system on ATLAS. You can find out individual student’s order histories, run monthly sales tax reports, and keep track of retail income.

To set up your POS system go into and click the Pro Shop in the left navigation bar, and start multiplying your retail sales today!

Call 1-800-275-1600 for a training session on the ATLAS Martial Arts Software Pro Shop and see what ATLAS can do for you!